Polykarpos Papanagiotou

Dr. Papanagiotou was born and raised in Athens Greece. He graduated from Tufts University, Boston Massachusetts, following a 3-year postgraduate program in Prosthodontics.
After graduation on 2010, he became a clinical instructor in the Dental School of Athens, Department of Prosthodontics and on 2012 he was accepted as a PhD Candidate by the same Department.
Since 2011, he preserves his private practice focused on Implant placement and Implant Prosthodontics.
He participates on Greek and European congresses presenting clinical cases and he is a member of European Prosthodontic Association and Greek Prosthodontic Association.

Dental office

The dental office is a clean and friendly environment, set with modern equipment and specialized personnel ready to welcome every patient. We are committed to dedicate the appropriate time for our patients and give solution to their dental problems.


Basic rule of our treatment approach is respect for patient’s problem, scientific resolution and rehabilitation of oral health with the highest esthetic outcome.
We deliver prosthodontics restorations which fulfill the functional and esthetic demands of our patient.
A functional restoration respects the occlusion (bite) of the patient and contributes to proper mastication and phonation.
An esthetic restoration must have a natural appearance that mimics natural dentition and adds on a bright smile.



Fillings are used to restore damaged teeth. First we remove the decayed tooth structure, clean the area and then fill it with resin material in a way that restores the shape and function of the tooth.

Dental Implants

A dental implant is a titanium screw which is inserted in the bone of the upper or lower jaw. Following the placement we can use it to restore a bridge or a crown over it. We perform the implant placement under a specific surgical protocol which gives us over a 90% success. Today, dental implants are the most advanced option that dentistry can offer.


Pain-free technique.

Provides a solid structure that resembles natural teeth.

It doesn’t involve the use of neighboring teeth.

High functional and esthetic outcome that improves the quality of life of the patient.

Fixed Prosthodontics

Fixed Prosthodontics include the crowns and bridges that we place permanently on natural teeth in order to restore missing teeth of the dentition. At the same time we restore the anatomy and function of these teeth providing a high esthetic outcome.

The fixed restorations can be:

Fused to Metal: metallic inner structure covered with porcelain. These restorations have high strength and resistance to pressure.

Full Ceramic: The whole structure is made out of porcelain. These restorations have high esthetic result and are predominantly used in the frontal area.

Removable Prosthodontics

Removable Prosthodontics includes the complete and partial dentures. Complete dentures restore the entire dentition of one jaw while partial denture a part of it. In these restorations we used pink acrylic to mimic the soft tissue (gums) and with the use of acrylic teeth we restore the missing dentition.

Diagnostic check up

In our office, we can provide a diagnostic check up to our patients and evaluate their problem in order to set up a treatment plane that will cover their needs and fulfill their expectations.

During this diagnostic checkup we will take the medical and dental history of the patient, dental impression, intraoral pictures and x-rays (periapical, panoramic, CT scan if needed) in order to collect all the necessary data for our treatment plane.

After the evaluation of the findings, a treatment plane is presented to the patient and thus the treatment can start.

Teeth Whitening

In our office we provide teeth whitening with the use of a specific whitening Lamp (Zoom Advanced Power Chairside Lamp). The whitening process is pain free and is completed on one session. Aim of the whitening process is to improve and light up the color of the teeth resulting in bright and warm smile.

Root canal treatment

The root canal treatment involves the meticulous cleaning of the roots and sealing them with  gutta-percha material in order to sustain the tooth in the occlusion. This procedure is performed in our office by a specialized endodontist.

Periodontal treatment

The periodontal treatment is the methodical and in-depth cleaning of the inflamed gums. Aim of the treatment is to stop the periodontal inflammation, to restore oral health and guide the patient to improve his or hers daily dental care.


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